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At Ecoyan, we turn small beginnings into big impacts. As a dynamic team of passionate entrepreneurs with expertise in the electrical, automobile, and hardware sectors, we’re set to revolutionarise the electric motor vehicle industry. Our journey is powered by the trust we've earned and our commitment to championing a sustainable and eco-conscious planet. Let's drive forward together and create a cleaner, safer world for future generations.

Our mission? To bring joy and excitement to the experience of owning and buying automobiles. Join us, and let’s electrify the future!

Spark up your journey with Ecoyan – the dynamic hub of electric motor vehicles based in India! As certified trailblazers under ISO 9001:2015, we’re not just manufacturers and suppliers, we’re your partners in the electrical revolution.

Our dedicated teams of engineers and designers thrive on crafting tailored experiences, turning your visions into a reality.

At Ecoyan, it’s more than just business – it’s a passionate commitment to every member of our eco-conscious community. Buckle up for the ride of your life with our ARAI certified vehicles, because with Ecoyan, every mile is a milestone in your planet-positive initiative when it comes to transportation.

Embark on an ecologically conscious journey tailored to your exact specifications with our extensive lineup of electric motor vehicles.

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