E-Golf Cart/ Buggy

Introducing Ecoyan's E-Golf Cart/Buggy : Your ultimate green ticket to luxury and convenience! Whether you're cruising the greens in style or navigating through sprawling resorts, hospitals, airports, and old-age homes, our E-Golf Cart is your perfect companion. Glide effortlessly and eco-consciously through every journey, enjoying the smoothest rides imaginable. With extra care dedicated to the comfort of the elderly, our E-Golf Cart ensures every moment is nothing but pure convenience and relaxation. Experience swift eco-conscious mobility through several landscapes with our sleek and stylish buggy- the epitome of modern and eco-conscious travel

25 Km/hr – maximum speed *(as per Government Norms)

At Ecoyan, we offer doorstep servicing for all e-Golf carts/buggies v with lightning-fast response times, resolving any issues within 72 hours. Our experts perform thorough checkups, inspecting for wear and tear, ensuring controllers and motors are functioning perfectly, and giving the battery a full health check. Drive worry-free knowing our speedy, top-notch service keeps your E-Golf Cart/Buggy in peak condition!

Model : E-BUGGY
Color : White
Capacity : 6+1 persons, 40KG luggage
Speed : 25 Km/hr - maximum speed
Charging Duration : 7 Hours
Charger Type : Automated 15 Amps
Range per Charge : 50 KM+
Motor Power : 4000 W
Drive System : Rear wheel drive
Battery Type : Lead Acid Battery/Maintenance free sealed flat lead acid battery (VRLA)
Forward Reverse : It runs both ways
Brake System : Hydraulic Brakes
Tyre : Front & Rear 165/60/R12 (12” Rim, 6.5” tyre width)
Overall Vehicle Measurement : Vehicle length- 3600 mm, Width – 1300 mm, Height – 1740mm
Gear : 2 gears + reverse gear
Steering : Right hand drive
Vehicle Weight : Approximate 600 Kg with 5 Batteries

Designed to exceed expectations, this sleek ride comfortably accommodates 6+1 people and up to 40 kilos of luggage. With a charging duration of 7 hours, you'll be ready to zoom through over 50+ kilometers on a single charge. Powered by a robust 4000 watt motor, our E-Golf Cart/Buggy delivers an unmatched performance. Plus, with a top-notch hydraulic brake system, safety is 100% our very first priority. Experience the ultimate blend of style, power, and reliability with Ecoyan's E-Golf Cart/Buggy – your ticket to adventure, convenience and comfort!
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